Fusion specialises in the production of high performance technical sportswear.
Single or Multisport, Competition or Training, Fusion provides the complete leading-edge wardrobe. European Quality and Design.



Founded in Denmark, Fusion was formed in 1999 with the goal of becoming one of the world's leading high performance technical sportswear brands. Through manufacturing precision, the use of high quality technical fabrics and a constant drive to be innovative, Fusion has forged a reputation for making durable, functional and cutting edge products.

Fusion has a rich heritage in the field of multisport, particularly triathlon, and has earned a cult following among endurance athletes.

With all products manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials, Fusion has become a brand that is synonymous with engineering excellence.

As a market leader throughout Scandinavia and having achieved strong popularity in other European countries such as the UK. Fusion is now available for athletes in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


Pushing boundaries

At Fusion we constantly strive to push the boundaries in the development of new products, and, with a dedication to continually exceed the needs of our customers' that is only matched by our customer’s dedication to their chosen sport.

Our focus at Fusion is to work closely with both professional and amateur athletes to develop the best performing products, and to provide the complete wardrobe. Fusion does not change its entire range each season, but continues to offer established products, make enhancements and develop new ones.


Fusion Range

Our range is split into four categories:  Running / Cycling/ Triathlon / Fitness

These provide the contemporary athlete with a complete range of clothing options.

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