FUSION PWR Compression

A High Performance Technical Compression fabric utilising LYCRA® POWER™ - a certified compressive fabric. The benefits of compression include reduced muscle vibration during exercise, reduced recovery time and improved blood circulation. Also provides exceptional moisture transfer to aid cooling and stay dry. A long lasting fabric which, with appropriate care, will maintain its compression characteristics. A specialist ICE-PWR variation, incorporating additional cooling technology, has been developed for specific garments designed to perform specifically in warm conditions. 

FUSION Compressor3

Technical fabric designed to provide performance, comfort and superior moisture transfer. A 2-phased fabric with an ‘open-knitted’ inside to wick moisture away from the skin, and a fine-knitted outer to spread the molecules over a wider area for enhanced evaporation. Helping regulate temperature and a softer feel to the fabric maximises comfort. 

FUSION S100 Shell

Teflon® treated technical fabric designed to provide high wind protection and water resistance. A durable fabric, ideal for use as an outer garment when layering for warmth and protection in conditions other than heavy rain. 

FUSION S200 SoftShell

Technical 3-ply laminated soft shell fabric. Thin, waterproof and breathable. The 3-layer membrane system is designed to keep the elements (cold / wind / rain) out, while efficiently allowing your own moisture vapour to escape, keeping you warm and dry. Also a very lightweight, flexible and durable fabric. Ready for all conditions. 


A 2-phased technical fabric designed to draw moisture away from the body with a fine-knitted outer for enhanced evaporation. Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. Designed and manufactured in several variations tailored for specific applications and conditions. Specifically PRF for singlets, t-shirts and running tops, PRF MESH for first layer / under garments and PRF HOT for winter garments.