RYDERS eyewear

We know what you’re expecting to read here. You think this intro will outline the history of our
company—the story of how we sprouted from authentic roots in the early years of Vancouver’s
legendary North Shore mountain bike scene. You’re predicting a heavy, cliché-ridden story about
how serious we are about eyewear and how our passion for the outdoors translates into our products.
You’re assuming that we’re going to tout our advanced lens technology and our cutting edge designs.

But there’s something we would rather talk about; something you haven’t thought of.
Something that will catch you off guard.
Something remarkable.

Our lenses see into the future.

There’s an astonishing thing that happens when you look through our new lenses. They’re so absolutely,
crystal clear that you’ll see exactly where you’ll be seconds and sometimes minutes into the future.
You can see it, but you’re not actually there yet. Conversely, if you turn around you’ll see precisely
where you have been in the very recent past. This is an amazing phenomenon that we refer to as Visual
Time Travel and it’s a feature you’ll find in all of our eyewear.

Didn’t see that coming, did you? Let’s hope it’s the last time.

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