Here you can find a guideline for Womens Fusion garment. We recommend that you try on the garment at your local dealer. Exact sizes may vary depending on individual body structure. The Fusion garmin has a slim and athletic cut.


Unisex Cycling Bib

Womens Cycling Jersey, Vest

Height Chest
XS 152-160 cm 77,6-84,8 cm
S 160-168 cm 84,8-92 cm
M 168-172 cm 92-99,2 cm
L 172-178 cm 99,2-106,4 cm
XL 178-186 cm 106,4-113,6 cm


Womens Running and Multisport T-shirt, Zip neck, Jacket, top

Unisex tight

Chest Inseam
XS 80,6-85,8 cm 66-69 cm
S 85,8-91 cm 69-72 cm
M 91-96,2 cm 72-75 cm
L 96,2-101,4 cm 75-78 cm
XL 101,4-106,6 cm 78-81 cm

Exact sizes may vary depending on individual body structure.
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